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For questions regarding scheduling, please contact your student's counselor:
Grades 7-8                                            Bonnie Gingerich     ext. 8513     (Beginning Fall 2019)
High School, Last Names A-MAR:     Kelsey Todt              ext. 8515       ktodt@fairfield.k12.in.us
High School, Last Names MAS-Z:      Liz Yoder                  ext. 8517       eyoder@fairfield.k12.in.us
Classes: Current course selection forms are available in the links below or you may obtain paper copies in the Guidance Office. 
Course Catalog,  click here
Dual Credit and AP CoursesDual Credit courses receive both high school and college credit.  Dual Credit courses may be taught at either the high school or a college.  Dual Credits courses are offered in several departments.  A complete list of Dual Credit courses is available on the Course Selection sheet.  AP courses are high school classes taught at a college level.  At the conclusion of the course, students take an AP exam.  Students who score 3/5 or higher on the exam may receive college credit for the course.  AP courses offered at Fairfield include Calculus AB, English Language and Composition, German Language and Culture, United States History, Statistics, Physics C: Mechanics, Music Theory, Chemistry, and Biology.       
Blended Senior Year: This program will provide seniors with opportunities to practice necessary skills they will need in order to experience success after high school.  Blended Senior Year students will take courses for part of the day at school and spend the other part of the day in a Work-Based Learning internship. Click here for more information.   
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