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                                                             Indiana Graduation Pathways
                                                      To view a narrated powerpoint explaining Graduation Pathways, click here 
                                                 To view a downloadble flow chart explaining the Graduation pathways, click here 
What are the graduation pathways? 
      Beginning with the graduating class of 2023, every student will be required to complete a pathway as part of their graduation requirements.  For the graduating Classes of 2019-2022, students may complete a graduation pathway in lieu of passing the current ISTEP 10 exam. This enables students in these cohorts to not have to continue to retest the ISTEP if they are unable to pass. 
What are the requirements of the graduation pathways
      To fufill a graduation pathway, students must fufill three criteria known as "Buckets"
                        Bucket One: Earn an Indiana high school diploma  
                        Bucket Two: Learn and demonstrate post-secondary readiness through one of the following:
                                                                               -Project Based Learning
                                                                               -Service Based Learning
                                                                               -Work Based Learning  
                        Bucket Three: Demonstrate post-secondary readiness competencies through one of the following: 
                                                 - Complete a Career Tech program (this also fufills the Bucket 2 criteria)
                                                 - Earn 6 credits in an approved pathway 
                                                - Earn a 31 or higher on the ASVAB
                                                 - Earn an SAT score 480 Reading/Writing and 530 in Math
                                                 - Earn ACT scores of 18 in English, 22 in Reading,  22 in Math, and 23 in Science
                                                 - Earn a C or higher in at least 3 AP or Dual Credit classes 
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