Enrollment Process
(for families living within Benton, Clinton, or Jackson Townships)

Students living in any of our townships enroll directly into the school they will attend.
Benton Elementary serves all of Benton Township south of the Elkhart River, the northeast corner of Jackson Township including Fairfield Farms and Southfield Circle communities, and a two-mile strip of Clinton Township between CR 31 and CR 35.
Millersburg Elementary serves Clinton Township except for the strip between CR 31 and CR 35 within the township and served Benton Township to the Elkhart River.
New Paris Elementary serves Jackson Township except for the far northest corner which attends Benton Elementary.
Fairfield Jr-Sr High School serves the entire district for grades 7-12.
Students may request intra-district transfers each spring prior to the district opening enrollment to students outside the district. Fairfield Schools does accept students for early admission to kindergarten who demonstrate aptitude and readiness.
(for families living outside the district wishing to attend Fairfield Schools)

Fairfield Community Schools is accepting students for the 2017-2018 school year, 

Indiana Code 20-26-11-32 requires that school corporations that choose to accept transfer tuition must annually set the number of transfer tuition students they will accept from outside the district. Once these caps are set, the district also can set a deadline for accepting transfer students from outside the district. Further, once the deadline is reached, if the number of applications exceeds the number of available transfer tuition slots, the district is to hold a lottery for those transfer positions.
Fairfield Community Schools accepts transfer tuition students with no transfer tuition charged for families who choose to send their students to one of our schools. For the 2017-2018 school year, the number of students to be accepted from out of district are as follows:
Grade Level   Number of Slots for Non-Automatic Transfer
 KG    45
 1 26
 2 15
 3 13
 4 22
 5 7
 6 11
 7 24
 8 8
 9 10
 10 5
 11      10      
 12 5

 Interested families are welcome to submit their requests for transfer via the Verification Form for Transfer at any time.  Applications for transfer enrollment are accepted at the administration office through 4:00 pm on July 21. If there are more requests than spots available, the board will conduct a lottery at a special board meeting to be held July 27. 

To become a prospective student at Fairfield Schools:
1. Obtain a Verification Form for Transfer from a building principal or from the link below.
2. Submit this application to a building principal or the central administration office before the July 21 deadline.
3. Once student is accepted outright or by virtue of the lottery, complete a signed agreement with the district and then register with the appropriate school in early August.

Verification Form for Transfer
Complete this form and submit to the student's preferred school during the enrollment window.
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