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Schools Worth Knowing

Schools Worth Knowing

Simply put, Fairfield Schools is a special place. From the time I came to this district, I have always felt that walking into one of our schools is like visiting the house of family or friends. Older students nod or say hello, littler children wave, staff smile and greet you warmly, and teachers and principals are eager to show off what students are learning and doing. You feel invited in and welcome to join whatever is happening.

Our community has embraced our schools in much the same way. Parents and other adults in our students’ lives, booster groups, and community backers all wrap their arms around our schools as the center of this rural community. Sure, we are close to Goshen and Elkhart and not that far from South Bend, but what we have in our three townships is uniquely Fairfield.

Because of that support and that sense of family, our students achieve much. Empowering our students to become resiliant, relfective, and responsible  is our goal, but not always in ways that are measured on standardized tests. We strive to offer as much variety as possible for a small school system so that each student feels the draw to be part of something and push for personal excellence.

In our district logo, we try to capture the sense that this is a place committed to academics while that one special guiding older person—parent, guardian, sibling, teacher, coach, director, principal, assistant or other school staff member—is there to wrap a pair of caring arms around each student. Fairfield is indeed special. And as steward of the district, I am proud of what we do and invite all to see our schools worth knowing.

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