Welcome to Fairfield Jr. / Sr. High School

Welcome to Fairfield Jr. / Sr. High School  

67530 US 33

Goshen, IN 46526

Ph# 574-831-2184 FAX # 574-831-2187

Principal Page on Twitter:  @FJSHSPrincipal 

Our Mission:

Providing our students with opportunities to be College and Career Ready!

New Safety Policy
In light of the recent issues concerning student safety, a new policy was approved by the school board on December 10th. The policy is an addition to a current policy.

The current policy reads:
4.1 Intentionally causing or attempting to cause physical injury or intentionally behaving in such a way as could reasonably cause physical injury to any person. Self-defense or reasonable action undertaken on the reasonable belief that is was necessary to protect some other person does not, however, constitute a violation of this rule.

The new added policy reads:
4.2 Active Observer Status
An Active Observer is any student who promotes, antagonizes, perpetuates, assists, delays or obstructs responders, or in any way can be conveyed as endorsing violent behavior in the school. Any student who is deemed an Active Observer is subject to the consequences, up to and including, that of fighting.

Students were given this new policy in their SRT class on Monday, December 14th. It was explained to them, and they signed that they are aware of it and understand it. Please take some time to talk with your student about this new policy and how it is in place to keep them safe.

If you have any questions, please contact any administrator at 574-831-2184.

Thank you for helping us keep our learning environment safe!

After School Tutoring Available!
English and Math tutoring available Mon-Thurs 3:10-4:00!  
For help with math, see Mr. Beachy in room 217.  For help with English, see Mrs. Carboneau in room 113.
Food Pantry

The Fairfield Food Pantry remains open on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:45. We have a wide variety of items ranging from meat to laundry soap. The basement has been remodeled and once again is open for business with clothing available for all ages and sizes. The only requirement is to live within the Fairfield School district which includes Jackson. Benton and Clinton Township. The Pantry is located at the corner of US 33 and CR 31 across from the Fairfield entrance. We have been serving the community for 15 years and have blessed with wonderful support from many individuals and community groups. Last year 147 families used the Pantry. All our services are free. For more information or if you have questions, please call Sandi Sizemore at 831-2184.

Regular Class Schedule, Wednesday Late Start, 2-Hour Delay
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