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"Our Community, Our Schools": Proposed Changes to Fairfield Community      


  Fairfield Community Schools has always maintained a solid reputation for educational excellence while developing young people of character.  This reflects the expectations and values of our community.  In order to meet the challenges of the current educational climate, Fairfield Schools proposes to change the way grades K-6 have been taught and configured with the development of STEAM schools and a practical arts academy. Also, Fairfield Jr-Sr High School will provide a stronger vocational emphasis and offer an early college pathway for students who wish to pursue up to 30 credit hours of college credit to a state school.  At the elementary grades, students will learn foundational math and literacy skills and problem-solving through an inquiry approach to practical and theoretical issues.  Our schools will emphasize the need for curiosity, creativity, communication, and collaboration when researching solutions. Further, we will ask that students make ethical considerations for themselves, others, and the larger world part of the questions they explore and the solutions they propose.  

Below are resources for families and community members regarding this proposal:

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Construction Project Presentation from Public Hearing on May 22

Our Commuity Our Schools presentation (PowerPoint from March 17 community 

                                                                         meeting at Fairfield Jr-Sr High School)

Video link for community meeting  (recording of March 17 community meeting)

Our Community Our Schools brochure (sent home to elementary families on

                                                                                                                     March 20)

Our Community Our Schools Elementary Survey (sent home March 20)

Jr-Sr High School Survey (survey for feedback from familes wihtout elementary


Question and Answer Document




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