9th Grade

Voice Recognition

9th Grade

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  • Plan for your high school experience:
    • Meet with your counselor to develop a four year plan, if you did not do so at the end of your 8th grade year
    • Begin researching programs such as blended senior year, work based learning or the career center
    • Decide what diploma track you intend to pursue:
      • Core 40
      • Core 40 with Academic Honors
      • Core 40 with Technical Honors
  • Focus on academics:
    • Take challenging courses
    • Allow adequate time to get coursework done.
    • If you are struggling in a class, don’t wait to ask for help! Seek help early in the semester
  • Develop strong study habits
    • Use your agenda book to help you track assignments and quizzes
    • Get creative with study techniques to help you learn material
      • Note cards
      • Pneumonic Devices
      • Repetition 
  • Get Involved:
    • Join clubs or teams that interest you. Colleges and employers will look for involvement in activities while in high school
    • Seek out leadership opportunities
    • Quality over Quantity: Colleges and employers will want to see strong involvement in the activities you chose. It is better to be strongly involved in a few, than barely involved in a lot!
  • Keep Track
    • Begin a list of awards, extracurricular activities, volunteer experience, and honors you receive.


  • Continue to focus on academics, if you are struggling, don’t be afraid to ask for help!
  • Update your list of awards, activities, and  honors received.
  • Scheduling for your sophomore year will occur between Winter and Spring
    • Begin deciding what types of electives you want to take next year
    • Are you being challenged to much or not enough?
      • Consider whether or not you need to change your course level


  • Keep studying!
  • Begin preparing for your final exams far enough in advance that you have time to review the material without feeling rushed.
  • Explore different summer opportunities such as camps, athletic clinics, or volunteer opportunities.


  • Read to continue to boost your skills
  • Get involved in your community and school through camps, clubs or volunteer organizations.

Difficulty in a Class

If you are struggling in a class or have a particular issue in a class, you can use any of the following methods to improve your coursework:

  • Set up a meeting with the teacher to determine what steps can be taken to help you succeed in the class.
  • Set up a meeting with the teacher and a parent, if needed.
  • If a student has met with the teacher and is still having issues, it may be beneficial for the teacher, parent and student to have a meeting together to discuss how to help the student succeed.
  • Meet with a tutor
  • Work with a classmate



  1.  Create a Graduation/4 Year Plan
  2.  Participate in an Extracurricular or Service Activity
  3.  Watch "Paying for College 101"

***Make sure you track all of these tasks in your Scholar Track account***  

 For any question or additional help with completing these tasks, please see your School Counselor

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