FJSHS Library Information



Monday, Tuesday*, Thursday, Friday

7:30 AM to 3:30 PM


8:15 AM to 3:30 PM

* The library may be closed some Tuesday and Wednesday mornings due to staff meetings.

eLibrary Login Information 

Fairfield’s eLibrary is up and running! You can read or listen to a variety of fiction and nonfiction books on your laptop. Or add the app to your smartphone and take your digital library with you wherever you go. 

To access the bookshelf, students and staff have a two step login. 

First, head to

Use the following to log in to the school’s eLibrary

Username: Fairfield

Password: Falcons

From here, you can log in to your personal account using the username you use to log in to your laptop and the password falconsread.

For example…

Username: ssample1234

Password: falconsread

Need more help? Read the step-by-step directions.

Library Policies

Loans, Loan Period, and Renewals

JH students may check out 3 books. HS students may check out 4 books.
If the Fairfield library does not have a desired title, a student can request it from one of the elementary schools or through the inter-library loan program. See Mrs. Kambs for assistance.
The typical loan period is two weeks.
Students may renew a book twice.


Late books accumulate a $0.10 fine per book per day.  The fine stops accumulating when it reaches $1.00 (10 days) unless the student renews it and it becomes late again.

Visiting the Library 

Students are required to sign in when they arrive and sign out when they leave.

The exceptions to this rule are as follows:

– When the student is visiting before or after school

– When the student is visiting between class periods (during passing period) 

– When the student is with a teacher, paraprofessional, or other adult

– When the student’s visit is less than one minute e.g. picking up something from the printer 

Student Resource Time (SRT)
SRT is a time of quiet study and engaged collaboration.  Therefore, the atmosphere must be conducive to these activities. Voices should not be much louder than a whisper and behavior should not distract others.
Students must sign in when they arrive and sign out when they leave. 
Cell phones should not be in use unless the student is reading an e-book or needs it for a class assignment or project.
Students must stay for the full time indicated on their pass. If they need to leave briefly (to use the restroom or consult a teacher), they must inform Mrs. Kambs or Mrs. Kurtz and return promptly.


Students must request a pass from Mrs. Kambs or Mrs. Kurtz before the end of 5th period. There are three types of passes.
They may… 
  • stay for SRT A only (MTRF > 12:50-1:07 / W > only full SRT passes given)
  • stay for SRT B only (MTRF > 1:07-1:25 / W > only full SRT passes given)
  • stay for the full SRT period (MTRF >12:50-1:25 / W > 1:05-1:35)
Those who would like to return and/or check out a book may still use an agenda-book pass signed by their SRT teacher.

Library News

The library will be closed starting Monday, May 14.

Students may
  • return books / textbooks
  • work with a classmate
  • read or work quietly

Students may NOT

  • renew a book
  • check out a book 



Summer Reading

 Student will not be able to check out books over the summer. However, students have access to Fairfield’s limited e-book selection. To access this collection, one must sign-in to Destiny. See Mrs. Kambs for a tutorial.
If your family lives within city or township limits and that city or township has a library, your taxes give you FREE access to this library’s collection. If your family lives outside city or township limits, you have options. Libraries offer access to their collection for a cost. See below for more details.
Syracuse Public Library offers a FREE three month summer library card if you
  • ask Mrs. Kambs for a ticket
  • use this ticket to sign up  at the library (bring an adult with you)
Wakarusa Public Library offers a FREE summer library card if you…
  • just finished 7th or 8th grade 
  • live outside Olive or Harrison Townships in an area unserved by any library
  • have a parent and/or caregiver register you for the card
  • register for their library’s Summer Reading Club.

Middlebury Community Public Library offers a $15 summer library card

  • can be used for the whole family
  • runs from June 1 to August 31 

Ligonier Public Library offers a year-round library card for $46.50 

Goshen Public Library offers a year-round library card for $55.00 per individual


INSPIRE | Indiana’s Virtual Library

INSPIRE Resources from the State Library of Indiana.

The INSPIRE database reads the numbers on your internet address for your mobile or home computer. If it is positive that you are within the State of Indiana, it lets you right in. If it does not recognize your device as an Indiana device, you need to go to this site and login with a username and password. Getting your own account is free, but involves them mailing a postcard to your Indiana street address. 

When you get to the site, choose the K-12 option for your research. You will find several different reference databases. The high school full text magazines include these: EBSCOHost MAS Ultra School Edition

The middle school full text magazines include these: Middle Search Plus

The TOPIC Search database current events database allows researchers to explore social, political & economic issues, scientific discoveries and other popular topics discussed in today’s classrooms including controversial opinions and viewpoints. A listing of all the periodicals covered in this database can be found here:
TOPIC Search

Destiny Card Catalog

Use the link below to
  • search Fairfield’s card catalog
  • record what books you’ve read
  • recommend books to friends
  • place a hold on a book
  • read an e-book
  • request an interlibrary loan
Students should use their Fairfield username and password. If this does not work, please e-mail Mrs. Kambs.