Central Office Staff

Name Position Email Phone Website
Dr. Carrie Cannon Superintendent ccannon@fairfield.k12.in.us 574.831.2188
Monica Kegerreis Assistant Superintendent mkegerreis@fairfield.k12.in.us 574.831.2188
Troy Beachy Director of Finance tbeachy@fairfield.k12.in.us 574.831.2188
Shanda Branneman Special Education & Testing Coordinator sbranneman@fairfield.k12.in.us 574.831.2188
Jill Erb Accounts Payable – Treasurer jerb@fairfield.k12.in.us 574.831.2188
Ilona Roberts Administrative Assistant for Business Services iroberts@fairfield.k12.in.us 574.831.2188
Heather Doberenz Payroll & Benefits- Deputy Treasurer hdoberenz@fairfield.k12.in.us 574.831.2188
Wanda Miller Administrative Assistant for Employee and Board Services wamiller@fairfield.k12.in.us 574.831.2188
Betsy Black Administrative Assistant for Student & Parent Services eblack@fairfield.k12.in.us 574.831.2188
Cody Stewart Director of Technology cstewart@fairfield.k12.in.us 574.831.2188
Leigh Bell Transportation Coordinator lbell@fairfield.k12.in.us 574.831.2188
Tim Leer Maintenance Director tleer@fairfield.k12.in.us 574.831.2188