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Message From The Superintendent
I wanted to take some time to provide an update on how we are functioning in a COVID world. Over the last few weeks about 15% of school districts in Indiana have announced closures or modifications to their schedules due to COVID spread. Please know that Fairfield Community Schools is determined to remain open and offer in-person instruction. As you know, Elkhart County is experiencing record COVID spread, so we must understand that mitigation efforts within our school community will be the key in determining our own future. Efforts both inside and outside of school determine the amount of COVID spread. We desire on-site instruction as the best environment for student learning and need the help of the whole community to maintain that approach.
What were once innocuous decisions for everyday activities now play a key role for schools. One north-eastern Indiana school district recently had a community member who held a Halloween party and much of the staff from an elementary school attended. That school is now closed with over a dozen teachers identified as close contacts. We are all part of the Fairfield family and must remain vigilant in maintaining social distancing and wearing masks. Our resilience plays a key role in keeping our schools functioning for on-site learning.
Right now, Fairfield Schools are working effectively as possible through this COVID world. We are resilient and will continue down the path of providing the best on-site instruction through the time when a vaccine is widely distributed. Our mitigation efforts of masks and social distancing will persevere and through these efforts we will purpose to provide the best instruction for children.
Thank you so much for being part of the Fairfield family!
Best Regards,
Bob Evans, Superintendent