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HB 1005 Legislation
The Fairfield Board of Education adopted a resolution to oppose HB 1005 legislation. If passed, it would use state funds for grants to promote students to attend private schools and greatly increase vouchers to the detriment of funding public schools.
The Governor’s own Dec 14th Teacher Compensation Commission report states that “Public funds should be invested in improving the schools designated to serve all children and aid in improving Indiana public schools’ teacher salaries”. However, the cost of HB 1005 would result in public schools receiving less than one-third of Gov. Holcomb’s increase in funding would be allocated for public schools. Fairfield Schools does not believe it is fair to the 90 percent of Indiana students who attend public schools to steer most of the funds toward private schools!

If you agree with this statement, we encourage you to contact your legislators.

To read the full resolution from the Fairfield School Board, please click on the link:  Resolution Opposing HB 1005 Legislation